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    Refractor-itus stung me badly and I've just ordered a 127mm APO.  So I'm selling my trusty  8" Celestron CPC 800 GoTo SCT with its heavy duty tripod and Stanley hard box for $1400.  I also have a heavy duty Celestron wedge I'll be selling for $250.  I plan to put these on Cloudy Nights, but shipping is a pain.  So I'd rather sell it locally.  This combination has given me many nights of awesome astrophotography sessions with my Canon DSLR (which may also be going on sale soon). 
    I'm only doing this because I have a new CCD camera and it's a  better fit vis-a-vis the arcseconds/pixel ratio.  If you're interested in getting into AP with a DSLR, this rig will get you started.  Talk to me.