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Luka B

    Meade still has these: http://store.meade.com/7×42-montana-binoculars-with-strap-and-carry-case.html . They originally sold for $300, then $150, and I got them for $100 a few years ago, now they're $80. They are superb for $80, and were even a good deal for $150. They're 8.2 degrees, phase-coated, fully multi-coated, with very long eye-relief. Very comfortable with and without glasses. Their 6mm exit pupils are noticeably bigger than 4-5mm ones on more common binoculars, and they have a wonderful "instant image" effect as soon as you put them to your eyes. Since they are lower power, they are easy to hand hold steadily, even on a bad day.  Their one drawback is that there is some rolling-ball effect. Not much, and it's visible more during the daytime. These are made in Japan.