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Jeff Newland

    A lot of rebates out there.  Celestron has $200 rebate on CPC scopes until June 15.  Until July 31st, get $100 to $200 off on Celestron NexStar SE scopes. 

    Meade is shipping bonus equipment if you buy LX200-ACF or LX90-ACF scopes. 

    Orion has dropped the prices on their Classic Dobs, $40 to $70.  What a Classic dob, now would be the time.

    Astronomics has a nice list of the rebates, etc. on their web page.  You can buy them anywhere they are for sale and get the rebates, but Astronomics has them listed:  http://www.astronomics.com/main/Telescopes_and_Telescope_Accessories.asp/catalog_name/Astronomics/category_name/Home