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John Attewell

    On March 8th Kathy and I and some friends were very close to a Falcon 9 rocket launch that carried a group 4-10 Starlink satellites into orbit. We were so close in fact, that the deafening rumble set off car alarms around us. The first stage is then reused. Sometimes it lands on a barge way out in the ocean. Then it is towed back to Port Canaveral and trucked back to a refitting building before it goes back to the launch pad.
    On the 13th we went to visit some other friends at Satellite Beach which is close to Port Canaveral. We went for a walk on the beach and saw the first stage from the launch we saw the previous week returning to port. There must have been Falcon 9 Returning to Port Canaveralsome bad weather which delayed its return. In the photograph, the deck of the barge is below the horizon but the two dark “side walls” can be seen on either side of the rocket. You can’t see them but there was also a tug towing the barge and three Coast Guard ships circling to keep other boats away. The objects on the far left are high-rise buildings at Port Canaveral.