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    Excellent observations and comments dh_meyer.  While I can't comment on your exact setup I might suggest a few pointers using similar equipment.  I have an I-phone6 and have used it with two Orion  adapters (including the one you may have used).  I take off the case (a Lifeproof one in my case) and use a low power eyepiece (20-25 mm) and get it centered over the I phone camera lens by looking at the latter through the bottom of the eyepiece.  Tighten the clamps and look again to be sure the image of the I phone lens is still centered.  I use the camera+ app rather than the camera app that comes with the I phone.  You can manually adjust the ISO and shutter speed and can magnify the image to check the focus of the moon, sun etc.  There is a timer that can be set from 5-30 seconds that permits any vibration from activating the shutter to settle down.  The 5 second wait is sufficient  in most instances.  I used the 4.5 inch Starblast reflector telescope with this setup.