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    Josef, Jeff, and I had a very nice night at EB last night. Jordon was there too, but had to go by the time I arrived. The sky was very clear, with a few clouds low to the horizon to the north and later the west.

    I am a very new observer and so I focused on Messiers that I could find in my homemade 8 inch dob. Last night I saw for the first time M30, M2, M72, M73, M76, M27, and old favorites M29, M39, M52, M103, M13, M57, M45. Jeff's 12 inch dob provided much bigger views of some of these and many others including M11 and M31/32/110.

    The absolute highlight of the night for me was seeing Uranus for the first time ever. Josef had punched it up on the club's goto scope and I used his laser pointer and Stellarium on my phone to eventually track it down with my dob, and then binoculars, and even the faintest hint with naked eye averted vision.

    Thanks to all in the club for my best night ever of observing! I am looking forward to meeting more of you at future events.

    -Neil from Decorah, Iowa