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Dean Johnson

    I got out for two and a half hours tonight. I wanted to wait for the Moon to set so I could hunt Herschels, but I would've needed a nap for the that and the house was just too busy. So Lunar II objects were the focus of the night.

    I warmed up on the planets. Jupiter is getting into the murk, but still showed 3 moons. Venus is now a fat waning cresent and getting closer to the Pleadies. Not fitting into a binocular FOV with it yet, though. I had my best look at Mars this conjunction. Thank you clear sky, no wind and dry air. A southern polar cap, lots of dark markings and a curious bright spot on the western limb of the planet.

    The Moon yielded three Lunar II objects, Mare Undarum, Mare Spumans (just south of Mare Crisium) and Lacus Mortis (between craters Atlas and Hercules). The Mare's are scattered patches of smooth lunar surfaces broken up by bright highland features. Lacus Mortis is a neat area boasting lots of different lunar landforms.

    I got a nice look at Saturn before packing up. It was a great night, but I didn't see anything as unusual as what Randy witnessed tonight. (Check out 'Hey' elsewhere in the forums). Next time out I pass the 1500 hour mark of observing with my Celestron G8.