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Luka B

    Thanks for posting Jeff.  While the temperature was cold, the wind was quite calm and I really did a decent job dressing to make it a non-issue. Lots and lots of layers, like an onion. Breath and frost was still a problem though.

    Anyway I observed mostly with binoculars and imaged with my scope. My binocular targets were from the binocular deep sky list.  I'm mostly done with the Cassiopeia, Perseus and Orion ones. I still have a few in Puppis and Monoceros of the well placed winter ones.  I couldn't get the sculptor dwarf galaxy. I might be too late, or I just need a little better time and horizon.

    It certainly felt great to get out and observe after so much snow and clouds.

    Also I would report that Keller is plowed, so a pretty good spot, even in winter. And the large snow bank can be use to keep the 1 streetlight completely out of view.