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Luka B

    I did get out to Keller on Fridayl.  I just went observing, and did no imaging. I saw 5 Geminids, 2 of them first magnitude. Also at around 11, I saw the remnants of  what I think was a bolide/fireball. I saw flickering shadows from directly behind me and by the time I turned around, there seemed to be a 3-4 very small pieces right near the western horizon, greenish blue.

    The skies definitely didn't seem great in either transparency or seeing. I did get a look at mars, but didn't see any detail, just an orange blob, though it was only 15 degrees up. I did spend a lot time observing M42, I keepf forgetting that it looks so much better from darker skies. I also enjoyed M81 and M82, and the 3 Auriga clusters. I also brought several binoculars, and was able to see M33 even with the small 7×35's. It didn't look impressive, but was definitely there. Also because the transparency wasn't good, the skyglow from Rochester was pretty severe. I also looked at M1, the Hyades, M78 and M41.  I was out there for 2.5 hours; while I dressed pretty warmly, and I was very warm the first hour, by the end of the second, I was getting cold in places, and neither hot tea, nor 5 minutes in the car could keep up my heat requirements.