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Captain Kirk

    See the coupon code in the below e-mail newsletter for 20% off at laserglow.com through Friday 11/27. 


    quote :

    Laserglow Company Newsletter – November 2009

    Dear Fellow Laserist,

    Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter! You are receiving this message because you have made contact with Laserglow in the past, and we think that you may be interested in our new products and announcements. If you don't want to receive these messages anymore, just hit “reply” and put the word “REMOVE” in the subject line to be permanently removed from this mailing list. We certainly wouldn't want to bother you with our great sales, discount codes and new laser products!

    We've got some great news this month, including our annual Black Friday sale, even more powerful Hercules lasers (>650 mW), and more powerful Electra 405 nm violet lasers (>150 mW).

    Black Friday – Save 20% on pointers and handheld lasers – ONE WEEK ONLY!
    The Friday after American Thanksgiving has become a huge event for retailers in America, and “Black Friday”, as it is called, has become equated with huge discounts. Well, we may be a Canadian company but we wanted to continue this American tradition so our customers from all over the world could take advantage of this excellent sale event. This is the perfect time to pick up a holiday gift for your employee, boss, coworker, professor, friend, relative, or even yourself! (Don't you deserve a shiny new laser this year?)

    From Friday, November 20 until midnight on Friday, November 27 you can use the discount code below to save 20% on all in-stock handheld lasers and laser pointers. You could save over $17 on a new Galileo-5 laser pointer, or save over $89 on an Aquarius-5 blue laser pointer. You could even pick up a brand new Hercules-500 and save over $717! This sale includes in-stock items only, so once we sell out of a particular model it will not be eligible for the discount any longer. If you've been waiting for a good deal, now is the time to pick up that new laser that you've been dreaming about.

    Just enter this code into the “discount code” box in our shopping cart to instantly save 20% on all in-stock handheld lasers and laser pointers: friday20

    More power in green and violet!
    We've managed to push the envelope and yet again increase the available power in our Hercules and Electra series portable lasers. Now you can have more power than ever before! You can even combine these new products with the 20% discount code to get a fantastic deal on some brand new, cutting-edge technology. (Assuming we can keep them in stock long enough for you to get the order placed!)

    Hercules Series lasers are now regularly available with >650 mW sustained average power. See the product page for pricing and details on the new Hercules-600 and Hercules-650.

    The Electra Series 405 nm violet laser pointers and Electra Pro portable lasers are now available with >150 mW average output power. Wow! This near-UV wavelength is great for stimulating fluorescence and other neat effects in various materials. See the product page for details on the new Electra-100 and Electra-150.

    We've also expanded our selection of laboratory/OEM laser modules, and we're able to provide them with optional fiber coupling (SMA or FC/PC connectors) and other custom optics to give you a complete solution for your laser application. If you need assistance determining the right system for your application please give us a call and our helpful and experienced staff would be happy to point you in the right direction.

    We hope that you find this newsletter valuable, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact our sales department by email or phone: sales@laserglow.com or 1-416-729-7976

    Happy Lasering!


    Justin Hosaki
    Sales and Marketing Manager

    Dimitry Fedorov
    Laserglow Technologies