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Dean Johnson

    Yes indeed. M79 is a tough object to resolve. It is a very tight globular cluster, and one of the few to be visible in the winter constellations. It is not too hard to find if you draw a line from Beta to Gamma Lepus and follow the same distance to the south and just slighty east. I tried it for my Binocular Messier list  (using 15X70 Celestron Binoculars) and could not definitively say that I saw it.
    In my Celestron G8, it is a noticalbe, but not spectacular object.

    But still, Rick, YOU FOUND IT!

    Congratulations on completing your Messier list. If you let me review your observing log, I'll send in a letter to get your observing certificate.

    I applaud your dedication to get up so early to get your last object.