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Jeff Newland

    I thought I would add this here as well.  The ISS (International Space Station) is visible quite a bit right now.  It looks to be visible 4 to 6 times a day!  Evenings and mornings! Check it out.

    Here is link for ISS visible passes over Rochester:

    I caught the ISS twice last night, 9:42 and 11:16.  The 11:16 was advertised as -3.0 mag and it must have been very close to that.  It was very bright, much brighter than Arcturus.  The Big Dipper paled in comparison to it.

    Many times to view the ISS in the next 10 days, evening and morning.

    Another -3.0 mag at 10:05 PM tonight, try and catch it if it is clear and you are still up.  Other chances tonight are at  11:41, 1:17, 2:53, and 4:28.  The 4:28 is also listed as mag -3.0.