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    There has been a few open star clusters in the Cephus-Cygnus area that my SkyAtlas Delux 2000 doesn't even have the locations for. Talk about frustrating!

    I'd recommend trying Taki's free 8.5 Mag atlas here: http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~zs3t-tk/atlas_85/atlas_85.htm  Probably has what you need for those few clusters.

    I went out last night, even though I'm on the tail end of a nasty cold, and put some glass on the Moon.  Rather low in the south now that it's nearly full.  I logged 16 new objects, leaving my count at 90.  2 naked-eye (both just after New Moon).  2 Binocular (both on the far western edge.)  6 telescopic (all on the western edge.)  Note: the western edge of the Moon is the edge closest to the east horizon – confusing but true!  I took another look at the Straight Wall after seeing it highlighted in a magazine lately.  There's another Rille just opposite the crater Birt that was a bit tricky in my 10", but I could see it.  I also re-observed an object that I'd failed to spot in my handheld 7×50 binoculars last year – piece of cake with my tripod-mounted 11x56s.  As it got darker, there was a star just to the west of the Moon that had no doubt been occulted for those further east.  I seem to recall reading something about that in the RASC handbook.  AGNFA, and I was still in bed by 10.